Bible Studies by the Office of Faith Formation

The three studies below have been written by the Office of Faith Formation for use in both small groups or by individuals. Each session consists of Scripture readings, analysis and commentary, and discussion questions. Each sesison ends with questions meant for personal/private reflection. You’ll find more detailed instructions in the “how to” portion at the beginning of the pdf files.

If you are interested in purchasing copies of the studies in printed book form, copies are available for a $8 donation from the Office of Adult Formation. Please contact Joan Watson at or 615-783-0263 to order.

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Encountering Christ

This study focuses on several characters of the Gospels and their encounters with our Lord Jesus. How did they approach the encounter? How did the encounter change them? How can we see ourselves in the encounter and allow that encounter to happen in our own lives?

Mysteries of the Kingdom

This study focuses on several parables Jesus told during the course of His ministry. Understanding the time and culture of Jesus can help us understand the parables better. At the same time, He told these parables to us as well. What is He saying to me today in these familiar stories?

He Has Remembered His Promise of Mercy

This first study from the Office of Faith Formation focuses on the concept of mercy in the Scriptures. We trace mercy through the Old Testament and the New Testament in order to better understand the God who is Mercy.

Optional videos introduce each session and can be viewed at the link below.