Position title
 Assistant Director of Faith Formation for Hispanic Ministry 

The Assistant Director of Faith Formation for Hispanic Ministry works closely with the Office of Faith Formation team to facilitate and promote the catechetical, evangelical, and formational efforts of the various Hispanic ministries throughout the Diocese of Nashville. The Assistant Director collaborates with the Spanish-speaking leaders of our diocese to implement, coordinate, and support new methods of outreach as well as with the English-speaking leaders to act as a communication bridge to meet the needs of our growing Hispanic communities more effectively. The Assistant Director demonstrates a strong commitment to Hispanic values and a deep understanding of the pastoral needs and gifts of our Hispanic community in the Diocese of Nashville. 



  • Maintains an up-to-date awareness of the best Spanish-language catechetical, evangelical, and formational programs available for parishes. 
  • Generates and facilitates feasible ideas and resources for parishes to implement effective Spanish-speaking catechetical programs. 
  • Supports and mentors the Hispanic ministers of the parishes within the Diocese of Nashville as well as the representatives of the St. Cecilia Community in implementing catechetical formation programs. 
  • Ensures the Diocesan policies and core standards are followed in parish catechetical programs. 
  • Provide in-person and virtual resources to assist parishes in their catechetical and evangelical initiatives. 
  • Schedules and organizes regular meetings with Spanish-speaking DREs, including an annual retreat, as well as sources Hispanic or bilingual speakers for those meetings. 
  • Obtain Spanish-speaking presenters for catechetical events (e.g., Annual Diocesan Catechetical Conference, Annual RCIA Conference, etc.) 
  • Writes (or translates) and distributes digital and written catechetical materials in Spanish for the Office of Faith Formation. 
  • Help maintain a database of all Spanish-speaking Catechetical Formation Program participants and certified catechists. 
  • Leads and manages various volunteer committees to accomplish successful catechetical sessions, programs, and conferences. 
  • Develop data-driven strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of Hispanic Ministry efforts and initiatives


  • Creates and maintains a protocol and guideline handbook for parishes and ministry personnel for all typical Hispanic liturgical and paraliturgical celebration in the Diocese of Nashville (e.g., Quinceañera, Presentación, Novenario, etc.). 
  • Coordinates with DREs the scheduling and liturgical requirements for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. 
  • Advises the Bishop and his collaborators in the implementation and maintenance of standards practice for godparents and sponsors in the reception of the sacraments. 
  • Assists with the Rite of Election. 
  • Help maintain a database of those having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriage in the Diocese of Nashville. 


  • Provides consultation on civil and legal challenges typical in Hispanic ministries (e.g., marriage licenses for undocumented immigrants). 
  • Assists the Tribunal in translating documents and forms into Spanish, proofreading existing documents, and communicating with Spanish-speaking parties. 
  • Maintains an up-to-date awareness of local resources available for Spanish-speaking counseling services. 
  • Works with Catholic Charities to connect members of the Hispanic community to social services offered. 
  • Ensures Safe Environment protocols are properly communicated and followed. 


  • Provides background and guidance on cultural aspects of Hispanic ministry for non- Hispanic ministry personnel. 
  • Attends national, regional, and provincial meetings with peers as they pertain to the role. 
  • Attends diocesan meetings and provides presentations as needed. 
  • Designs/creates/plans all marketing materials and social media content for the Office of Faith Formation related to Hispanic Ministry. 
  • Acts as a liaison among various communities with the Diocese of Nashville.
  • Collaborates directly with Office of Stewardship and Development to provide content and support within the scope of Hispanic Ministry.
  • Monitors social media and corresponds to all questions/comments occurring through Instagram, Google Voice, GroupMe, and email. 
  • Creates and reviews participatory event surveys for all Hispanic Ministry events. 
  • Prepares yearly budget plans and manages monthly budget required for the Hispanic Ministry branch of the Office of Faith Formation. 
  • Performs other duties assigned by the Director of the Office of Faith Formation. 


  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Theology, Hispanic Studies or related field. 
  • 3+ years of active participation in a Hispanic community in the United States. 
  • 2+ years of project management experience preferred. 


Must be able to read, understand, speak, and write Spanish and English with near perfect fluency (i.e., Superior to Distinguished on the ACTFL proficiency scale). Must also complete a wide range of communication tasks including occasional public speaking and effective composition skills for writing promotional materials. 


  • Practicing Roman Catholic in good standing. 
  • Active parish and diocesan involvement. 
  • Considerable knowledge of Church doctrine and practice. 
  • Profound familiarity with Hispanic culture. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for collaborating with pastors, DREs, catechists, and vendors. 
  • Demonstrated competency in writing and public speaking. 
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills. 
  • Proficiency with computer programs, web-based software, and social media platforms. 
  • Ability to travel frequently to off-site events and to work on evenings and weekends. 
Job Location
Nashville, TN
Date posted
April 4, 2022

All resumes and cover letters should be sent to Employment@dioceseofnashville.com

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Position:  Assistant Director of Faith Formation for Hispanic Ministry 

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