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Finance Manager

The finance manager in a Catholic church is a professional and financial administrator in support of the pastor, administrative assistant, and the pastoral team of ministry heads and volunteers. The business manager has a fiduciary responsibility over the physical, financial, and personnel resources of the parish. As a person committed to gospel values, this individual is responsible for the management of these resources in order to help the parish fulfill its mission and purpose.



  • Is responsible for proper internal financial controls, supporting documentation/records retention, accuracy of data, and the integrity of the church’s financial statements.
  • Manages bookkeeping functions including, but not limited to: payables and receivables, operations of the PDS general ledger, including but not limited to the accounting of restricted income sources, recording of interest income, and depreciation.
  • Ensures that the parish’s obligations are always paid on time and purchases are free of sales tax.
  • Maintains an accurate schedule of fixed and moveable assets and facilitates an annual taking of “inventory”.
  • Oversees the timely count, deposit, and recording of the Sunday collection and office deposits.
  • Records and reconciles all receipts to the GL and helps maintain the donor database in PushPay/CCB.
  • Prepares a monthly bank reconciliation of the First Horizon business checking account on a timely basis for approval by the finance council and pastor.
  • Reconciles all CCIL deposits to their general ledger balances each month after the posting of interest income and other income.
  • Prepares an annual budget of income and expenses for the parish, which is compared to actuals each quarter and presented to the finance council.
  • Prepares and presents monthly financial statements as required for review by the finance council.
  • Oversees the security of parish operational and financial records, documents, and check stock.
  • Ensures that all federal, state, and local tax laws are followed, including but not limited to security over the parish’s tax exemption forms, securing of W-9s, W-4s, vendor certificates of insurance as well as year-end filings of W-2s, 1099s, and ACA compliance forms.
  • Manages semi-monthly payment of salaries/wages and benefits and changes to employee files in Paylocity.
  • Ensures compliance with all diocesan financial directives and recommendations and supports periodic internal audits/reviews.
  • Reviews and processes parishioner requests for Catholic school subsidies.
  • Prepares annual diocesan assessments calculation form for finance council approval and submission to the diocese.
  • Prepares and distributes annual giving statements to donors.
  • Advises the pastor on cash flow matters and investment in CCIL deposits.


  • Supports church/rectory repairs, renovations, and projects by managing contracts in accordance with policies of the Diocese and the Catholic Mutual Insurance Co, if applicable.
  • Acts as risk manager and point of contact with the Catholic Mutual Ins. Co.
  • Handles lease agreements/rental contracts.
  • Supports contracting and payment of outside security as needed.


  • Supports Diocesan HR staff on various items, including adding/removing employees from payroll, benefits, annual open enrollment, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Safeguards confidential permanent files for all employees in Paylocity and in hard copy.
  • Oversees implementation of the guidelines and policies for money counters, collection money bag handlers, and other volunteers in the business office.
  • Processes and pays pastor stipends through Paylocity in a timely manner.
  • Manages data for pass-through collections and payments to third parties (usually the Diocese).


  • Reports the weekly and year-to-date offertory collection, Mother Teresa Church Building Fund, and any other special pass-through collections to the communications director.
  • Will act as a resource and advisor to the development director (when that person is hired) and the capital campaign steering committee for the church building project when it is formed.
  • Assists parishioners with online giving questions and changes.
  • Serves on the committee for the annual report and prepares necessary financial data for publishing.
  • Provides supporting documentation and any other information to the pastor and administrative assistant to substantiate parish expenditures.
  • Communicates to the pastor (and Finance Council, as appropriate) any financial concerns as soon as they become apparent.
  • Attends and participates in all staff meetings, finance council meetings, and diocesan meetings and training as needed, representing the parish and pastor.
  • Monitors short-term financial trends. Creates and communicates data analysis on income and expenses to the pastor and the finance council.
  • Is responsible for securing confidential church documents and parishioner data within and outside the church office. Adheres to proper internet and cyber security practices; shreds discarded reports and documents in a cross-cut shredder.


  • Understands and supports the mission and purpose of the Catholic church and parish.
  • Is knowledgeable of the principles of accounting and finance.
  • Is knowledgeable of safety and security issues and matters of loss prevention.
  • Is knowledgeable of personnel issues, including policies, procedures, selection, benefits, federal, state, and local laws, employee motivation, team building, etc.
  • Is knowledgeable of parish policy and guidelines in relationship to diocesan policy and procedure.
  • Is competent in written and oral communications, Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, PushPay/CCB, PDS ledger, and Paylocity.
  • Displays a positive attitude toward other co-workers, volunteers, and parishioners, at all times.
Job Location
Nolensville, TN
Date posted
May 16, 2024
Valid through
June 29, 2024
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