Diocese Digital Billboard

Banner Request Form


All diocesan entities—including churches, schools, clubs, and other organizations—are eligible to submit a request for a digital banner on the Catholic Pastoral Center’s LED billboard. Please submit your request for a digital banner a minimum of three (3) weeks before the start of the requested programming period. Each programming period is two weeks long, starting on Friday. 

Once approved, your digital banner will run for the full two-week programming period, unless it is a time-bound event or announcement. For time-bound announcements, the digital banner will expire on the designated date. 

A limited number of digital banners slots are available. Director of New Media Evangelization Bill Staley will follow up with the contact person to finalize the digital banner. Spanish-language versioning of your digital banner is available upon request; be sure to request this feature in the submission form. 

For information about your digital banner request, contact Bill Staley (bill.staley@dioceseofnashville.com). 

All digital banners are subject to final approval by Communications. Contact Chief Marketing Officer Gia Riney (gia.riney@dioceseofnashville.com) with questions or concerns.Advice on creating an Effective Banner

What does an effective digital banner look like?

Animation is useful to attract attention, as long as it is brief and simple. Effective banners avoid moving letters, scrolling text, fading in, or phrases that spell out letter by letter.

The optimal message length is three lines of text. Four lines is too many to read while driving.

Design-wise, it is ideal to use at least half of the billboard (horizontal or vertical) for text when a graphic, photo, or video is used.

Lastly, text should not go all the way to the edge of the billboard screen; it is best to leave some cushion.

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