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Request for your Sacramental Records

Personal - Restricted - No Fee

Important ⚠️ Begin your search for your personal Sacramental Records by contacting the active parish where your sacrament occurred before completing our Sacramental Request Form. Click the button below to find your parish. 

If the parish where your Sacrament occurred is permanently closed, merged, inactive, or has no record available, it may have been transferred to the Diocese of Nashville Archives. You may now complete our Sacramental Request Form.

Sacramental Records created after the dates listed below are released only to the individual who received the sacrament, to requesting Catholic Church institutions (e.g., parishes or tribunals), or persons who have a legitimate reason for requesting the record (e.g. parents of minor children, those with legal guardian status, an immediate relative of a spouse/child/sibling of the deceased* if the individual is deceased).

  • Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation after 1924
  • Marriage after 1954
  • Death after 1975 – official death record of the deceased, proof of relation, and your valid photo I.D. are needed.

*Photo I.D., official death record of the deceased, and proof of relation are needed.